Sunday, January 21, 2018

NaMoPaiMo prepping parties

NaMoPaiMo is just ten days away, and hobbyists across the globe are scrambling to prep their ponies before the end of the month. For most artists, prepping is a solitary, and usually dreaded, task. However, a few enterprising NaMoPainters have found a way to make prepping both fun and social: NaMoPaiMo Prepping Parties.
The first prepping party of the year took place January 8 at Sondra Householder's home in Iowa. This was a small, two person party, with just Sondra and Amanda Bowe in attendance.
They were supervised by Sondra's cat, who is, apparently, a very exacting taskmaster!
The next prepping party was a two day, two person affair attended by Andrea Brygidyr and Erica Ferguson. 
This party was equal parts prepping, foal watch and adventures in Japanese cooking. The prepping and food parts were a big success. Foal watch is ongoing. You can read all the details on Andrea's blog.
Yesterday there were two more big prepping parties, both of which were live-streamed on Facebook. The first was held by Erika Ipes in Pennsylvania.
photo by Linda Perry-Horst
The second was a jointly hosted by Cindy Evans and Betsy Groff at Betsy's house in Georgetown, Kentucky. The guest list included Candice Curtis, Ashley Palmer, Angela Risinger-Morlock and Rachel Alford.
Everyone brought a project to work on, and Cindy kindly snapped pictures and commentary to share here. First up is Ashley's  Conquistador resin. This model was painted previously, but had to be stripped due to water damage. Ashley spent most of her time time picking out the stubborn leftovers of his original paintjob and revisiting missed seems.
Angela's model is a Breyer Boomerang. She removed the eyebrows to make him look more realistic, and also mentioned fixed his mouth so he wasn't "smiling.".
Betsy worked on several projects, including making a base for this former ornament model.
Both Candice...
and Rachel were first time preppers. They were happy to receive support and guidance from the other party goers.
Since prepping with pets is a NaMoPaiMo tradition, Cindy's dog, Molly...
and her cat, Bug, both took part in the festivities.
The party ended with a trip to Red State BBQ's food truck...
and a hard cider from Country Boy Brewing.
Cindy writes: The party was a complete blast! We all had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and everyone agreed we should totally hold more art parties like this in the future. 

I one hundred percent agree with that sentiment. Nothing makes me happier than seeing hobbyists get together for collaborative, rather than competitive, endeavors. Congratulations, Sondra, Amanda, Andrea, Erica, Erika, Linda, Betsy, Candice, Ashley, Angela, Rachel and Cindy. You are the NaMoPaiMo champions of the day!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Before the Ball

Until recently, my friend and fellow blogger, Lauren Mauldin, lived in Austin, Texas. 
When I first agreed to judge at Shannon Southard's A Midwinter Night's Ball live show, I just assumed Lauren and I would spend a day together, playing with her horse and seeing the sights. It was a really good plan until Lauren (and her horse) moved to California.
photo by Lauren Mauldin
Fortunately, by the time that happened, Erin Corbett had also made plans to attend the show. Like me, she wanted to see more of Austin than the inside of a show hall, so we got together on Friday morning and headed downtown.
Upon the advice of friends, including Lauren, our destination was the South Congress area.
We walked up and down Congress Avenue...
and it was every bit as fun and quirky as I'd expected Austin to be.
We drank margaritas at Guero's Taco Bar...
photo by Erin Corbett
and mimosas at Perlas. 
Then we went shopping.
Erin bought a t-shirt... 
photo by Erin Corbett
and I bought some 1:9 scale rubber chickens.
Neither of us made a purchase at Allen's boots, but this was definitely where'd I go if I needed cowboy boots. 
They had all the boots!
All. Of. Them.
I still don't know we resisted!
On our way out of town, we also made a quick stop at the Texas State Capitol. 
This wasn't the day I'd expected to have in Austin, but it was a wonderful day, nonetheless.
Thanks for exploring Austin with me, Erin. I'm so glad everything worked out the way it did!

A Midwinter Night's Ball

If you were to make a list of model horse shows worth attending, Shannon Southard's A Midwinter Night's Ball would have to be near the top of the list.
Held each January in Georgetown, Texas, this long-running, two day show has something for everyone: a huge class list with a multitude of divisions,
tons of really nice prizes, 
great shopping and raffle opportunities,
lots of food,
including cake!
and some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet!
I was there to judge the performance classes, and let me tell you, that was not an easy task. Texas has a reputation for being a performance mecca, and it's easy to see why. The classes, particularly in the Western divisions, were big and deep. It was simultaneously wonderful and painful having to place them.
Fortunately, my hard work was extremely well rewarded. Shannon takes outstanding care of her judges. In addition to covering my airfare, car service and housing, she also sent me home with a wonderful assortment judge's gifts. 
I had so much fun at A Midwinter Night's Ball. Everything about this show was absolutely first rate. Thank you, Shannon, for holding such an amazing party!
Thanks also to Ellie Figment, Carrie Richmond, Erin Corbett, Vicky Norris, Marilyn Jensen and Shannon Southard for contributing photos to this post!

Friday, January 19, 2018

About those Purdys...

Purdyrozo (not his real name) has already left the building. He belongs to Curtis Sayers and made a brief pit stop in Colorado on his way to Illinois. I wish I had remembered to take a photo with him and his big brother, Quiver, I was afraid to keep him longer than necessary. As long time readers know, I have a tendency to get seriously over-attached to any Purdy that enters my home!
Fortunately, the smaller Purdy is here to stay. 
This is Chasing Hope. He and his canine friend were made by Tiffany as a donation for a past edition of the Show For the Cure.
They came to me by way of Beth Patterson, and I am honored to be entrusted with their care.
Thank you so much, Beth! I promise I will take good care of them!

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Remember how I had jury duty on my birthday last year?
Well, I am happy to report that this year's birthday...
a million...
Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes. It's been a great day.