Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Almost wordless Wednesday

Half a million may have been an exaggeration, but I really did take a lot of pictures of Rocky and Myr during my recent visit to Jennifer Scott's house. Here are a few that didn't make the main post. Enjoy!

Pony party

A couple weeks ago, Jennifer Scott asked me to come to her home in Evergreen to take photos of her and her Morgan gelding, Edgefield Gemstone AKA Rocky.
Of course I said yes.
Car problems almost forced me to cancel, but fortunately, Teresa offered to give me a ride. We arrived just as Jenn was finishing up Rocky's pre-photo shoot bath. 
Jenn tacked him up, and the three of us walked him to a scenic spot at the end of the street.
I took about half a million photos.
So handsome!
Then it was back home where Rocky's best bud, Myr, was impatiently waiting. 
Jenn turned both boys out in the big pasture. 
 This is a rare occurrence, so they were really excited.
Especially Myr. 
I love Myr.
I took another half million photos...
before the boys settled down... 
and went back to eating. 
Then we headed inside to play with the plastic ponies.
Teresa and I drooled over the horses on Jenn's painting table... 
(this one wants to belong to me),
admired her in progress Chinas...
and checked out her new Quarter Horse sculpture. 
He's going to be awesome. 
Jenn's NaMoPaiMo horse will also be awesome... If she ever finishes it, that is. Come on, Jenn! You can do it!
 This was such a fun day. Thanks for spending it with me, Jenn and Teresa!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Just in case you think it's all centaurs and horse head masks around here, I'll have you know there's a lot of finishwork happening, too.
In fact, as of yesterday, this Karen Gerhardt Caprice resin is officially done.
This guy was gifted to me last December. He was one of the of the original artist proofs and had been painted solid, shiny black.
After repairing his many breaks, I gave him a new coat of paint. He's still black, but now he has a small star, painted eyes, hooves and chestnuts and a bit of shading.
In honor of his past... 
I've decided to name him Proof.
Sometimes they really do name themselves!

My froggy centaur

I was looking for an easy doll clothes tutorial and stumbled onto My Froggy Stuff's YouTube Channel.
I found the information I needed, but continued to watch and learn. Eventually, we got to a video entitled How to Make: Doll Costume, Centaur, Unicorn. And then, just like that, I had to make a doll centaur costume.
I am not a seamstress, but the directions were clear and easy to follow. After one unsuccessful trial run...
 I made a completely credible centaur costume.
And because I am me, I also figured out how to turn this into a performance entry.
Heather, can we please have a Fun Costume class at Rocky Mountain Spring Fling? My centaur costume demands to be shown!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Pictures from today's ride

I haven't been riding a lot lately. This is mostly because I've been working so much, but also, a lot of my regular rides, including Sprite, have left Kenlyn. 
Fortunately, I still have Santana, and that is no small thing.
Today Santana and I joined Mary Jo and Scarlett on a quintessentially Colorado ride.
We experienced multiple weather conditions, including wind, 
 and brilliant sunshine.
We also crossed paths with several different types of wildlife...
and reveled in the glory of the red tree.
This tree turns red bright red for a few days every fall. Then, almost immediately, it loses all its leaves.
Today was Red Tree Day.
We made the most of it.  
This was such a fun ride. I think I'm over being sad about the horses who have gone. It's time to concentrate on the horses I still have. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I am looking forward to spending a lot more time in the saddle.